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PAPILLON ExpertLab Camera&Lighting Equipment for Detecting, Reproducing and Photographing Forensic Evidence

PAPILLON ExpertLab Camera&Lighting Equipment

1 – Stand, 2 – Fill-in lighter, 3 – Spotlight, 4 – IR emitter, 5 – Ruler holder, 6 – Lamp,
7 – Object holder, 8 – Dark-field box, 9 – Traslucent paltform, 10 – Bottle holder

PAPILLON ExpertLab is a facility consisting of a stand and a set of detachable lighters providing a wide range of illumination conditions for studying objects and for capturing images. For fixing the objects special holders are used. Besides, the station is fitted with a dark-field box and a translucent platform.


  • Thorough, efficient examination of material evidence with the view of finding the impressions of hands, footprints, as well as the traces of etching, wiping off, erasing, filled-in scratches or inscriptions and indented writing
  • Forensic quality evidential photography of objects and marks

Standard Components:

  • Stand (1 pcs.)
  • Fill-in lighter with light-diffusing shades (2 pcs.)
  • Slit shade (2 pcs.)
  • Lamp (4 pcs.)
  • Spotlight (2 pcs.)
  • UV source (1 pcs.)
  • IR emitter (1 pcs.)
  • Translucent platform (1 pcs.)
  • Dark-field box with object-plate (1 pcs.), available in two versions:
    • option 1: dimensions – 600 400 mm; weight (max) – 5 kg
    • option 2: dimensions – 380 300 mm; weight (max) – 3.5 kg
  • Object holder (1 pcs.)
  • Bottle holder with accessories (1 pcs.)
  • Small object and ruler holder (1 pcs.)
  • Background (light/dark) (1 pcs.), available in two versions:
    • option 1: dimensions – 900 550 mm; weight (max) – 2.8 kg
    • option 2:dimansions – 600 500 mm; weight (max) – 1.8 kg
  • Set of scales (1 set)
  • Laboratory stand with set of holders (1 pcs.)

Optionally, PAPILLON ExpertLab can come with:

Technical Specifications:
Camera height adjustment (min - max), mm 100...950
Power, V 220
Number of controlled power outlets 4
Number of additional outlets (uncontrolled) 1
Power consumption (max), watt 100
Object holder range, mm 2...40
Maximum diameter of bottle-like objects, mm 110
Maximum length of bottle-like objects, mm 320
Dimensions, mm 700 500 1200
Weight (max), kg 35

Indented writing restoration

Footprint image captured using the translucent platform

Dark-field illumination of undeveloped latent
using the dark-field box

Dark-field imaging of a dust track

The stand consists of a baseboard (stage) with a printed grid for object positioning and a column with a centimeter scale. The column has a sliding block for mounting a camera (PAPILLON TVC-9.3 or any other camera of your choice) which allows you to move the camera both horizontally and vertically. The stage has an embedded electronic controller with switches on the front face of the stage for easy adjustment of intensity of four light sources. These four adjustable lighters are attached to sockets located on the rear face of the baseboard. There is also a complementary 12V outlet for attaching peripheral devices.

The set of lighters delivered with PAPIILON ExpertLab includes lamps, sources of fill-in (booster) light, a spotlight projecting a light beam of adjustable width and focus, an infrared (IR) emitter and an ultraviolet (UV) source.

The lighters are secured with clips in places where you want. The fill-in light sources are set on stiff adjustable holders. They can be covered with an adjustable slit shade in order to produce a flat beam of light. Both the spotlight and the IR emitter are mounted on flexible holders allowing the lighters to be shifted and tilted in three planes. The light intensity emitted by the IR source can be gradually varied with a dimmer.

To operate with complex objects (footprints, exfoliation marks, faint impressions, undeveloped latent finger and palm prints, etc.) and to take non-glare pictures, the dark-field box can be of great use. Its top face is made of glass, on which an object is placed for photographing. Objects can be placedon the bottom of the box too.

PAPILLON ExpertLab includes also a background (a flat surface with light and dark sides), a translucent platform and two types of holders - object holder and bottle holder. The translucent platform is made as a lightbox providing an evenly lighted flat surface. A dimmer is used for varying the brightness of light.

The object holder is an implement for holding various objects being examined and/or photographed, which is fixed to the table with a cramp. The bottle holder is a special gripper for bottles, glasses and other bottle-like (axisymmetric) objects. This holder comes complete with interchangeable conical attachments and lengtheners. It lets you easily tilt and pivot specimens under study.

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